To you, our appreciative audience over six fantastic weeks, to our volunteers for their tireless work, to SAC Park for their hospitality and partnership, to our sponsors for their support, and to our musicians for their professionalism and talent– THANK YOU!!!

You give us the confidence, courage and commitment to make sure that the premier summer concert series in central New England continues to grow. Please check back in March, 2015 to see what we have in store.
There's been a Summer concert series in Central Massachusetts for over 20 years and we felt that all of the hard work and dedication that went into such an effort, along with the enthusiasm and just plain good family fun that it engendered in the audience, should go uninterrupted. Jazz at Sunset is back and better than ever! Who are we? We are The American Big Band Preservation Society and SAC Park, two Massachusetts organizations that recognize the importance and downright healing power that music has in all of our lives.
Ask someone what eases the burden of their daily obligations and you'll likely hear it involves family, friends, love of country and music. For a few hours on six Friday nights this Summer, let's bring together all of those elements and witness the result.
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Jazz at Sunset